Balloon Arrangements

Balloon Clouds

Balloon clouds are created from 9 latex balloons with a larger latex balloon at the crown with an infill (balloon in a balloon). They can be arranged individually in pillars or together to create a larger display. They are attached using transparent line so they appear to be floating and complimenting colour tulle is used as extra decoration. They are ideal to be placed behind or either side of the top table, or either side of doorways or entrances.

Balloon Pillars

Balloon pillars are large floor standing displays that can consist of 5 or 9 balloons in a standard pillar or individual balloon clouds. The crown of each display will contain an infill (balloon in a balloon). The cloud pillars will have the balloons displayed at a higher level and the clear line will be decorated with tulle – ideal for behind tables or at each end of larger tables. The 5 or 9 balloon pillars will normally have a staggered design where the balloons are attached lower to the ground – ideal for doorways, stages and entrance halls.

Balloon Staggered Tiers

Staggered tier balloon arangements consist of 2 – 5 balloons and can have added infill’s (balloon in a balloon) depending on display required. 2 and 3 balloon staggered tiers are most commonly used as table displays where as 5 balloon staggered tiers tend to be used as floor standing displays.

Two Balloon Staggered Tier £3.60
Three Balloon Staggered Tier or Centre Tier £5.60
Five Balloon Pillar £7.60
Seven Balloon Pillar £11.00
Cloud Five Balloon Pillar £9.00
Cloud Nine Balloon Pillar £15.00

Balloon Infills (Balloon in a Balloon)

Most of our displays can include an infill (balloon in a balloon) at the crown of the display. This can be used to create an appropriate colour and design match to ensure your colour scheme is complemented perfectly.

Infills per Balloon £3.60